Babies and bath time


Baby’s bath time may be a necessary task, but it is also a time for relaxation and bonding. But it’s not always an easy time for a young mum. Here you’ll find all the best tips to make sure it’s always a fun moment in the day.

Firstly, you should check that everything’s prepared. The room temperature should ideally be 22/23°C and the water temperature around 37°C. As regards the choice of bath tub, everyone has their favourite, so be sure to choose something you feel comfortable with. Arrange everything so it’s within easy reach to avoid tricky situations once baby is in the water, as you can’t leave him alone! Take a little basket with you for all your bath products and bath toys to entertain the little one. Opt for hypoallergenic soap-free products, a shampoo that won’t sting the eyes and a soft flannel if you want, but best is to simply wash baby by hand. If the changing table is too far away from baby’s bath, have a little mattress or a thick towel ready for baby to lie on once out of the bath while you dry him. Fill the bathtub with a little bit of water in advance so that baby’s not left shivering while he waits. There’s no need to put too much water in the bath, babies usually like to splash about a bit while touching the bottom and sides of the bathtub.

When everything’s ready, tell baby it’s bath time, that way it will gradually become a cosy ritual. Talk to baby all the time, explaining what you are doing to make him feel safe. You can also use this quality time to teach baby the names of the different parts of the body and then get baby to do the same back. Don’t wet baby’s face too much and wash his hair very gently by simply stroking his head from front to back. Always use confident strokes to keep baby feeling safe and always hold him with a firm but gentle grip.

Once out of the bathtub, never rub baby’s skin, but pat him dry gently, paying attention to the little folds of skin. A hooded bathrobe is also a perfect solution to keep baby from getting cold.