How to choose Baby’s name ?


Baby is coming, everything is ready, except from one little detail : its name ! You have to agree with your soulmate and it is not always easy. Luckily for you, if you don’t have any idea, we give you some inspiration.

baby name

TV shows

It is becoming more and more common nowadays : we like a TV character so we decide to give his/her name to our baby ! This is why, in the USA, we can find several “Arya” or “Jon” (from Game of Thrones).


There are a lot of songs out there with names (usually girl names) : Roxanne, Michelle, Mary, Angie, Wendy… If you love music, you may find some inspiration in your favorite songs !

Popular names

Every year, the Internet releases a list of the most popular baby names. If you don’t want to be specially original, this is the perfect solution. In 2017, the winners were Emma for girls and Liam for boys.

Name generator

You can find name generators on line : you choose the lenght of the name, the gender, the popularity… And here you go, you have the name of your dream.


Finally, the bravest future parents can choose at random. If you have a list of names but you don’t know how to choose, print it, close your eye and point at it with your finger. You have now found the name of your baby ?


And you, how did you choose ?