Checklist : pack your bag for the maternity ward

This is it: baby wants to meet daddy and mommy. You are excited and impatient and you prepare your bag quickly to rush to the hospital. But before you forget something, let’s do a checklist of what to pack for a nice stay at the maternity ward.

sac maternité

To welcome baby

  • Bodies: ideally a wrap-over top.
  • Pajamas: cosy to spend a lovely night
  • A sleeping bag: or a little plaid
  • Slippers or socks: to keep his little feet warm
  • Hat: to protect baby’s hair
  • Bib: to stay clean during mealtimes
  • Cuddly toy and/or dummy: it’s never to early to choose its favorite toy!
  • Toilet set: usually, the hospital gives you all you need for bathing baby, but you never know.
  • Outfit: when you’re leaving the hospital or for the first photos of baby.

For a comfy Mummy

  • Nightshirts: with buttons on the front, it’s easier for breastfeeding.
  • Slippers: to walk in the hallways
  • Panties: disposable or cotton panties with sanitary pads
  • Bras for breastfeeding: if you want to breastfeed of course!
  • Atomizer: to freshen up (and to drink when you’re not allowed to).
  • Toilet set: with everything you need like cream, toothpaste, makeup if you want to…
  • Camera: or your phone to capture the first moments of baby.
  • Cash: if you want to eat something
  • Flashlight: to see something in the dark without having to turn on the light
  • Entertainment: books, magazine, music…

Also, don’t forget all the administrative documents. You’re now ready to welcome baby!