Becoming parents : expectations VS reality

Before baby’s arrival, you had probably a lot of good resolutions to be the perfect parents. However, now that you have your little monster in front of you, it is hard to stay calm and relax at all times. Don’t worry, you’re not alone ! We share with you the daily routine of some of the funniest parents on the Internet.

1) Father of Daughters

Simon, well-know for his Instagram “Father of Daughters“, has four little girls, including twins. With his picture, he shows us his everyday life with the good and the bad sides : the twins who are not sleeping at night because of their teeth, his daughters who are asking him awkward questions or forcing him to wear makeup… Besides, his wife, “Mother of Daughters“, also has her own Instagram and is the author of a book about pregnancy.


© Father of Daughters

3) Average Parent Problems

On this Instagram, you will find pictures showing the most improbable reactions of kids. With super funny explanatory captions, they will make you feel better about your life as a parent.

© Average Parent Problems

4) Asshole parents

This site gathers the biggest trantrums of the Internet. Some of them want birthday present 6 months before the date, others don’t want to wear their pants to go to school… If the parents insist, screaming and crying follow and the tantrum is immortalized on the website.

© Asshole Parent



Finally, we all know moments of doubt. Even if you had good resolutions, you can’t always be perfect parents. But the most important thing is to do your best and to laugh about the little problems of your daily life :)