Your pregnancy playlist

From seven months of pregnancy until his birth, your baby can hear sounds around him, recognize your voice, and appreciate some music. So, why don’t you prepare him a little pregnancy playlist for his ears and yours ?

pregnancy playlist

Why should I make a playlist ?

It has been proved that babies are much calmer when listing to their mother’s voice or some relaxing music during the pregnancy. After his birth, he will be able to recognize what he heard when he was in your womb. This is why if a music used to calm him during your pregnancy, it can keep its relaxing properties during his early days.

What songs should I pick ?

  • Classical music

Children or grown-ups, everyone loves piano melodies to relax. Beethoven, Mozart or Vivaldi, you just have to choose your favorite composer and make Baby discover his best pieces.

  • Nursery rhymes

Nursery rhymes are not really fun to listen for a grown-up but once your baby gets used to it, it should relax him after his birth. And if a music can soothe your baby, you should rather learn to love it !

  • Your favorite songs

Even if you are becoming a Mommy, you don’t have to listen only to classical music and nursery rhymes. Baby can learn to like good music from the early beginnings. Obviously, you shouldn’t put the music too loud and avoid some really aggressive sounds. Choose some nice and calm songs if you don’t want to be kicked in !

And you, what kind of music is your baby listening to ?