Pregnancy : I take care of myself

Dear Mommies, you are creating a life and as it is the most important mission in the world, you need to take care of yourself. We give you some advice to pamper yourself during your pregnancy with everyday actions. Let’s begin.


Allow yourself to relax

Future moms have a lot of things to think of and everyday life is not always easy. Don’t hesitate to take some time for yourself, away from everybody else. Take a nice hot bath, take a nap, read a book in your bed… If you have a passion, like painting or music, keep on practicing.  The future baby is going to take a lot of time so enjoy these nine months of freedom ;)

Take care of your body

Your pregnant body is going to face a lot of changes. From the most obvious (your belly) to more discreet changes (thicker hair for example), you will have to adapt to your new sheathe. To accept the future changes, you need to buy some specific products. Moisturizing cream for your belly and your breasts to limit stretch marks, solar cream for your face to prevent the pregnancy mask… Everybody has its own tricks !

Buy comfortable clothes

To conclude, it will probably be hard to fit in your old jeans… You can now begin your pregnancy dressing with comfortable clothes. You don’t have to wear big shirts and baggy pants. Several brands or website offer nice collection of clothing for pregnant women. If you don’t have the budget and you prefer being comfy, you can go find sweatpants and sweater in your man’s dressing.

Finally, don’t forget that this is a temporary situation and that everything will be over in 9 months !