Sleeping with baby, a good or a bad idea ?

When you bring baby home there’s a choice to make, will he/she sleep with me or not? It’s true that after having got up 5 times in the last two hours, there’s a great temptation for baby to sleep in your bed, just to have a quieter night. So, is it a good or a bad idea? Opinions are divided.



On the plus side, there’s first the advantage of the parents having a better night. No more need to get up frequently without being able to get back to sleep between two sessions of crying…. Just a hug and you’re on your way for a good night’s sleep. Then sleeping with baby makes it easier to breastfeed as it’s very practical to nurse baby during the night. This also strengthens the bond between parents and their child. But don’t forget that you will have to cut the apron strings as he/she grows older.

As for the disadvantages, the chief one is safety. You need to make sure that baby doesn’t fall or smother him/herself in the sheets! Moreover, having baby constantly with both of you may create a lack of privacy that could break strong bonds .

If you choose to sleep with baby, don’t forget to consult the rules essential for this practice that, while advantageous, could also be dangerous if you fail to apply all the expert instructions. Whatever your choice, you will have to let baby stand on his/her own two feet once the time has come. It will be for his/her own good!