The traveller’s wardrobe


There’s a chilly wind and baby’s delicate skin needs to be covered up.

Whether you’re strolling round the streets in the town centre or travelling to the other side of the world, we have a solution for you. Designed for baby’s comfort and parents’ well-being, the “Nomade”  line is ideal for today’s modern families that are always on the move. Discover the tiny travellers’ wardrobe made up of functional, super soft items of clothing. To make it easier to pass from warm to cold and back again, the trick is to prefer several layers of clothing to one large bulky item. It is precisely with this in mind that the “Absorba Nomade” line was created. This is a selection of downy, practical sleepsuits and pyjamas, on top of which baby slips into a coat, with or without sleeves, depending on the temperature. To carry all baby’s things, what could be better than the “Absorba Nomade” bag. Not to forget the ever useful bibs, storage pockets and knitted blanket to slip into the changing bag.