3 tips for the future daddy during the pregnancy

Even if mommy is the most affected by the pregnancy, the future daddy is also concerned about the arrival of the baby. What is his role? How can you help him to take part in the process? Here are 3 tips to have a wonderful pregnancy with your partner.

Future daddy : our tips during the pregnancy


We can stress this enough: communication is the key. The future daddy can do everything in the world, he will never be able to feel what you feel: the emotional changes, the nausea, the pain sometimes… Because of that, he may seem a little insensitive. Don’t hesitate to tell him when something is wrong, when you need him and ask him some questions about his feelings. Conversation will make the baby more concrete for him and your pregnancy will be more peaceful like that :)


To have a great pregnancy, you need your husband to be present and to give you some attention. That is why it is always better if the daddy can be present at every medical consultation. Some men will do it naturally and others will need a little push. To help him, try to choose your appointment according to your and his availability.


The baby is often abstract for the daddy as he can’t feel it like you do. To help him, you can give him some “concrete” missions to throw himself into the pregnancy: to build the crib, paint the room, handle the administrative paper work… You will be relieved to escape this kind of activities and he will be happy to be useful.

Finally, try to enjoy your pregnancy at its fullest to welcome baby in the best conditions.