Are you for or against working at home with your kids ?

Your maternity leave is ending and it is time to go back to work. How can you reconcile your new life as a mommy and as a working woman ? Today, we focus on mothers who work at home while caring for their kids. What are the pros and the cons ? We tell you everything.

working at home

Pros of working at home

  • No hours : you don’t have to wake your baby an hour earlier to take him to the nursery before work. You can make your own agenda and even adapt it to the sleeping schedule of your kid.
  • 100% present : some mothers don’t like to give their baby to someone else (nursery, nanny…) and rather keep the education of their child for themselves. Thanks to working at home, you will always be able to keep an eye on your baby.
  • Savings : dad is working, mom is working and nobody has to pay for the nanny. Your budget is bigger and you will have more money for your leisure time.

Cons of working at home

  • Interruptions : we won’t lie, kids can’t take care of themselves on their own. You will be interrupted : baby will be hungry, thirsty, dirty, bored… And it is not pleasant to be constantly interrupted while working.
  • Tiredness : in order to avoid interruptions, you will probably want to make the best of your baby’s sleep. You will wake up earlier or go to bed later to have time alone to work. Your day will look very long.
  • Other people : from the outside, some people may believe that you are not really working as you’re always at home (they’re definitely wrong). Your family and your friends may allow themselves at your place and upset your work agenda. Moreover, if you ever need child care, some nurseries can be annoying concerning your free hours.

How can you reconcile your two lifes ?


When baby is little, you can make the best of his two daily naps to be productive. When he is older, he will go to school and you will have much more free time. Some mothers are lucky : their kids know how to play by themselves whereas others are always asking for attention. In that case, you need to stay strong and to tell your children that you can’t always play with them and that you have to work even if you’re at home.

Tips : don’t overwork and don’t blame yourself if you are unable to work and take care of your baby at the same time. For example, don’t hesitate to choose daycare for a day if you need help. Or if your husband has an adaptable agenda, leave him the baby several times a week.

Finally, each mother is different and need to choose the situation which suits her best.